Feminism Should Come With a Warning Label
Sara Schaefer

I would like to add an outsider view.

It seems to me that when you are an “….ìst” of some kind, people frame their lives in that context. It means that every insult and injury is also framed in that way.

I see no sexism in my life, nor racism. Do I see people get insulted and pissed? Of course I do. That is life.

If you frame all of your life in an “…ism” you will be its victim. If you do not get respect give none back, but don’t first go to the “…ism” as the reason why you were insulted. If it is in fact the “…ism” it isn’t you that should feel diminished it is the perpetrator that is diminished. Take control of who is the idiot in these situations and by taking control I only mean within yourself understand who the idiot really is.

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