Who let the frogs out?

Rebecca Menat

Yes, it’s true: we LOVE nice food, fancy perfume and daydreaming watching the Eiffel Tower. But don’t be mistaken! We’re also quite good at fintech.

This fantastic mood board is nothing less than the complete French fintech panorama: 80 companies that have raised €240.9 million since 2009. Some names may sound familiar, such as Lendix, Prêt d’union or KissKissBankBank that have already enjoyed significant media coverage. Other companies, nonetheless, are still quite discreet, and we were often thinking that more light should be spread on them.

As we hate complaining, and we love doing, we sat with one of our data scientists and decided to create the first tool dedicated to the French fintech scene. This tool is now live and beautiful: say hello to “Frogs in Fintech”.

Become a French fintech expert

Ready? Just follow our simple guide.

  • The FILTER section: this is where you can choose to apply the options that are interesting or relevant to you: a given period of time for startup creations or funds raised, a fintech sub-category, a certain business type, and — last but not least — select the members of the France Fintech association only. Apply your filters, the rest will follow! This is why we love Samuel Fillon.
The Frogs in Fintech “FILTER” section without any filters applied
  • The EXPLORE section: if you’re looking for precise information to feed your market watch, this is where to go. Within the fintech panorama, click on any company to know who founded it, when, where it’s located and how much funds it raised. Everything in one place.

For your eyes only

So now you’re all set to discover this resourceful platform! But, as I anticipate you have a shortage of time, and there is a pretty big amount of information in there, here are some general insights to prepare yourself:

  • Investments in French fintech companies have been following an exponential trend for 5 years
  • Crowdfunding startups represent 40% of companies, but only 10% of funds raised
  • “Lending” is the category attracting the highest amount of financing
  • After a long period of scarcity, Series C have boomed in 2015, resulting from VC’s growing interest
  • 10 startups represent more than half the total amount (thanks notably to Prêt d’union and Finexkap)
  • Members of the France Fintech association represent 57% of companies and 90% of funds raised

But let’s not brag too much… France is still far behind the UK and the US, having raised 130 million€ in 2015 compared to approximately 800 million€ and 8 billion€ respectively!

Enjoy yourself

Play with it, get as much information as you can, give us your feedback and share your insights with us! You will probably teach us something we haven’t seen.

Liked it? Discover our global fintech dataviz! The Fintech Jellyfish offers real-time data on fintech fundings around the world, in a cool & colorful way.

Rebecca Menat

Written by

CMO at Le Wagon. Bringing tech skills to entrepreneurs and creative people.

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