Which Diet Style is Right for Me?

In making the decision to try to lose weight and focus on your health, you’ve already taken a positive step. But the next phase in the process will be critical. Next, you will have to choose the right diet for your personal lifestyle and health goals. To help you within this process, the team at Physiomed has completed research on several of the top diet options. In this post we’ll look at the leading choices.

The Paleo diet

If you are committed to researching healthy options and eating whole food rich with natural vitamins and minerals, the Paleo diet may be your ideal choice. Paleo diet followers must consider ratios rather than serving sizes when building their meals. 2 parts vegetables to 1 part meat tends to be a leading formula for success with the paleo diet.

The Mediterranean diet

By replacing butter with olive oil and sticking to whole foods such as whole grains and lean meats, those who follow the Mediterranean diet can lead a healthy lifestyle. One important element to consider is you’ll have to replace salt with herbs and garlic to reap the full benefits of this dietary style. So if you enjoy salty snacks and meals a little too much, you might be best choosing an alternative.

The Ketogenic diet

The Ketogenic diet does require some meal planning and calorie counting in order for dieters to achieve their ideal goals. But by sticking to meats and vegetables, and cutting carbs out of your diet, you can force your body into ketosis and loose stored fat. This option requires rigid commitments to dietary choices, and so it’s important to keep a food journal and follow guidance with precision.

Through an understanding on the leading diets, you can make the right choice for your body and your lifestyle. To learn more on the considerations to make when choosing a diet, take a look at the below infographic below.

Infographic by Phsyiomed
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