Dear Stefanie Williams,

Do you even know who this girl is? You are passing judgement on someone you know nothing about. Do you know how hard she worked to get that job at Yelp or how many other jobs she has held in the past/internships/years of school. Just because you are maybe unhappy with your career or missing something in your own life doesn’t mean you have a right to knock someone down for sharing their opinion.

I understand that you worked at a restaurant and moved up BUT that doesn’t mean you worked harder than ANYONE else. You seem like the girl that wants to make someone look bad and boost your own ego or reach a million followers. Yelp, a successful company should reward their employees accordingly. A 9–5 job is a lot of work and i’m sure Talia didn’t sit around drinking expensive Bourbon everyday of the week like you made it seem.YES she should be paid enough to eat and there is no reason she should have to work a second job…I’m sure you agree with this.

The fact that you say she’s a “young, white, english speaking woman with a degree” is a statement that you should be ashamed of writing. Repeat that to yourself a few times and think of how shallow and worldly you made yourself sound to thousands of readers. You are the one that probably lucked out and met the right person that helped you get ahead but lets be honest here you didn’t work harder than anyone else. Some people just luck out or maybe you did work hard but you don’t know the first thing about a strangers struggles. Your the one that got things handed to you by your parents….you did live at their house for quite awhile If i’m correct…

Although I can agree many 20 somethings don’t have great work ethics, Talia isn’t one of them. She is a graduate who like MANY other people out there is doing nothing but everything she can do to be successful and find a job that she is happy with.

I give Talia credit for speaking out because she isn’t alone. You on the other hand, should re-think this poorly written meaningless rant, why maybe even call her up and offer her some of your genus professional seems to me like you have it all figured out.


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