Noam Chomsky, Linguistics and AI

“For Chomsky, the ‘new AI’ — focused on using statistical learning techniques to better mine and predict data — is likely to yield general principles about the nature of intelligent beings or about cognition.”

If you can use it, fine. But the question is what are you using it for? Is there any point in understanding noisy data? Is there some point to understanding what’s going on outside the window [of the video]?

If you get more and more data, and better and better statistics, you can get a better and better approximation to some immense corpus of text, like everything The Wall Street Journal archives — but you learn nothing about language.



Software Product Manager | Linguistic Consultant | Research: Linguistic Identity in SL | Editor | 🇱🇰🇬🇧🇺🇸 #pearson #edtech #esl #linguistics

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