Productivity Tracker — When Do You Work Best?

And slightly under a month since I posted about taking a break from AA to work on another project, and here she is, my other project! Productivity Tracker — When Do You Work Best? (PT) is a reasonably simplistic CRUD app which allows the user to input how productive they’re feeling and the app then tracks and reports when the user is the most (and least) productive. Therefore showing the user what time of day would be best for said user to get shit stuff done. This idea was inspired by Thomas Frank of College Info Geeks video regarding biological prime times here. PT was built using Xamarin, a software package that allows native API access to Android, iOS, and Windows phone through C#. In plain english, Xamarin allows me to program in a language I know into multiple different mobile devices in the most effective. Even simpler, it’s pretty great. To keep this post reasonably short, I’ll briefly talk about the one major learning curve I faced with Xamarin.


The one truly major learning curve that I faced with Xamarin was learning how to use storyboards. Basically the entire user interface for the iOS apps made in Xamarin are created in the storyboard. My biggest issues with this was simply not understanding how constraints work, what the different elements were called (thought I needed TextView for text, turns out I needed label), and my datepicker was MIA for at least two-three days. That was frustrating. My biggest suggestion if anyone wants one, open up one of the example projects and screw around with that. I didn’t because “lol who needs examples” and as it turns out I do, I really needed too.


It was really nice working on a non-game (I mean, I work on games all day at work, should have some differentiation between home projects and work projects) so I think my next project will be another non-game. Hopefully another < 30 day project, and it will also be built in Xamarin. Remember when I said months ago I wanted to work on shorter projects? I guess I did that :)

Finally, here are some screenshots from the iOS version of PT. Also I have another hackathon at the end of the month, get hyped!

Screenshots and Storyboard