Series Finder

One month later, one more app, and what an app she is. I’m very proud of Series Finder (SF), especially concerning how useful it is (e.g. my sister used it and said it was really helpful, score). I also learned a lot about REST APIs, my new best friend (seriously, why did it take me this long to try out some REST APIs, they’re so useful).

SF allows the user to take a picture of the barcode of a book, or manually enter the ISBN, and searches the Goodreads and Google Books API to determine if the book is part of a book series. If the book is part of a series it will then display the rest of the books in the series, highlighting the current book. Tapping on a book will bring up the description of the book, as well it’s title, cover, and ISBN number. This is super useful for bookworms who hate when they start a new book, only to find out it’s the third in a trilogy five chapters in.

Like my last app, Productivity Tracker — When Do You Work best (which recently reached 50 downloads and I just updated, avaliable for iOS here) was built in Xamarin in the C# language, my fave. My next project, and final of the summer, will be another Xamarin app, probably just for iOS (easier for me to test on since I have an iPhone and my lovely sister’s MacBook Air). Finally, I’m happy to tell you guys that I’ll be attending Hack the North in September (woohoo!!!) and hopefully some more non-local hackathons in the upcoming months. Make sure to hang out here and I’ll keep you all posted!

Screenshots and Storyboard