A New Term

Inspiration/ the story of the image

When I first arrived at my new school I felt as if there were loads of people around me, yet no one I could talk to…

…After recently moving from Germany to England I have now enrolled at Batley school of Art. Before finding Batley I attened a 6th form for three days. It was hard to make new friends in such an unfamiler enviroment. While in the 6th form I was left feeling forlorn and lonesome. The poor start in a new country was hard for me to deal with. I felt so alone on those first three days, almost isolated. I remeber being the first to class because I didn’t have any friends to talk to at break. That’s where this image stems from; my crappy social life! I can contently say that I am now starting to settling in.


Three of the images used to create the final

I knew I wanted an old wooden chair in this image, one that would almost blend into the landscape, and look natural in its surroundings. I found exactly what I was looking for at my grandmas house. The dress I wore is the same as the dress worn in “Still Fighting”.

This image was quite easy to compose. All it took dragging and dropping the same three images of chairs over and over again in various different locations on the image. There wasnt much planning put into where the chairs went. They just went where they fit in. My initial idea was to have them all lined up in neat rows. I didnt do that because I didnt feel it fit to the chaos of school. I lowerd the saturation and brightness a little bit. Then in lightroom I added VSCO film Kodak 100 Gold + and added grain to give it an added vinatgey feel.