Task: Find examples of two impressionist paintings -what can you see? (comment on the subject, use of colour and the way the medium is applied)

The Gare St. Lazare by Monet

This painting is an interior landscape of a train station. The smoke from the train engines fill the room, and look like they are painted in the same technique he paints clouds in some of his other paintings. A good example of this would be A Woman With A Parasol (shown on the left). This art work is also a bit gloomier than his usual pieces, but that's what I like about it. With the darker paints he is able to use highlights with more of an effect. Swift brush strokes indicate the speed and movement of the scene. The blueish palette to this image allows us to feel the coldness of the steel train. With both the hasty brush strokes and cold palette, It’s almost as if you can feel a cold breeze hitting your face.

La Promenade

The pallet of this painting is neutral, with lots of different tints of greens, browns, and greys. Both Figures in this painting are placed on the rule of thirds. Not only does he use this composition trick, but he also uses the woman's bright white dress to capture the viewers attention. He uses her hand to pull the viewer into the painting, and the males out-stretched arms almost leads the public off the other side of the canvas. The shade on the male causes mystery for that character, and makes us question his intentions with the vulnerable woman. This Painting is oil on canvas. The brush work is luscious and feathery.

Task: Compare the Impressionist painting style that of the Pre-Raphaelite, Realist or Materialist artists. (comment on subject matter and painting technique)

Reference examples:

The Gleaners, Jean-François Millet // Ophelia, John Everett Millais

Pre-Raphaelite images often include two main subjects; Women and nature. Lots of work from this time was often inspired by literature and included themes of love and death. I thought a prime example of the Pre-Raphaelites would be John Everett Millaises Ophelia Since it includes all that describes Pre-Raphaelite art. Pre-Raphaelite images were often depicted as realistically as possible. Members of this group/brotherhood where against the immensely popular Genre painting of this time. Genre painting was similar to realistic painting as it refers to paintings of subjects from everyday life. The difference between Genre painting and realism is that realism was done in a naturalistic manner. The aim of this era of art was to try and portray the subject truthfully without influence of any conduct,government, or supernatural elements.