What is design?

Usual definitions of design tend to be long, boring, or abstract. In this very short bit of writing, I will attempt to describe design in the best way possible.

Design is applied in many fields; Graphic design, architecture, fashion, product, web, and furniture design. That is why many sources claim that design is everywhere, and it really is! From the shoes on your feet, to what makes getting out a car easier. The target of design is to meet NEEDS/WANTS. There are several variables included in making a good design; Interaction/harmony, ethics, art/beauty, simplicity, and efficiency. Good design can be seen as a combination of creativity and strategy that works for a purpous. To simplify that even further, design can be defined as beautiful solutions. Any additional words titivates what has aldready been summirized countless of times in hundereds of websites and dictionaries.

Design is a solution through a strategic and creative purpose.