I am so glad I am not dating right now.

I’m middle-aged and married. People look vaguely worried when I say that I’m middle-aged, but c’mon guys, in your late thirties you are pretty much in the middle of your life. That’s what middle-age is. That’s where I am. I’ve been married for 14 years.

I started dating my husband before there was social media, texting and constant comparison between partners. I didn’t even have a mobile phone I met him. He had to call me at home or meet me in the place that we’d agreed to me.

I listen to my children talk about dating. There are a million ways to get in contact with each other and then ignore each other. There are a million ways to meet new people and a constant comparison of all of your options. Is it better to be on a date with this guy or at a party with you friends? Should you even leave the house when you can’t work out the coolest place to be tonight. Plans don’t seem to be worked out until the last minute and can be called off at any time if a better option comes up.

I’m lost trying to give them advice. I don’t know how they can make a connection with each other when neither are committed to even spending an hour focused on each other. The only way you can ever have a good expereince with another person when you are both committed to being there and embracing that moment.

There are a lot of times I’m jealous of the opportunities that this generation will have to experience new technology and travel the world. But dating this way just seems so cold and hard to navigate.