Shapewear and the art of dressing for work

The Germans must have a word for the feeling of removing your shapewear at the end of the day. The German language is great at creating that those types of words.

Women often complain about the diffculty in finding clothes that fit. Men seem to have in so much easier the thought goes. Part of the reason that men’s clothes are so much easier if that their clothes don’t need to flatter them. Men’s pants are mainly in a straight leg style and they are bought to hang loosely around the thighs rather than clingly and skimming clothes.

My weight, like a lot of women, tends to fluctuate. It’s a huge issue because there is so little give in the way that women’s corporate clothing is supposed to fit. Back when I worked in a corporate office when I was pregnant I swapped out some of my button down shirt for maternity stretchy tops and started wearing cardigans. I was pulled to one side and told I needed to wear suits or I wouldn’t be allowed to present. I couldn’t afford to keep buying new suits that skimmed and flattered by new size so I ended up not presenting. I ended up moving out of corporate life after that.

These days I work in a much more casual workplace, thank goodness. I can’t afford to have a set of corporate wear in each size, in a flattering style for every size, so I have to come up with compromise outfits. I often wear a heavy jersey wrap dress in a dark colour which can see me through most of the meetings I do these days. It’s flexible to within a range of sizes yet skims my curves. The only issue is that if I have a bigger stomach than usual, be it from a large lunch or a months of large lunches, I end up needing to wear shapewear to keep a flat line to my round tummy and make sure that my outfits keep that all important flattering line.

Walking the line of finding a flattering outfit for work is hard. It takes up too much time and energy. However when you don’t do it you get moved to the back of the line, told not to present and your career suffers. So the shapewear is necessary, but man it feels good to take it off at night.

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