A Designer’s Pledge to Write

Being the sole Product Designer at a company can sometimes feel rather lonely. Luckily, I work with a team of awesome Product Managers and Engineers that help alleviate the strain that I’m sure some of you have felt if you’ve ever been the only designer.

Every morning when I wake up, I go on Medium. I read design article after design article to stay in touch with the ever-changing field. Sometimes I feel like I’m on my A-game and other times like I’m falling behind. A thought crossed my mind that I should start writing. Share my design stories, struggles and realizations while also joining the other designers that I see on Medium every day.

Of course, my next thoughts were “Do I have anything profound enough to say?” and “I’ll be ripped apart by the grammar police.” I decided to simply, not give a shit. Too many designers hold themselves back because of self-doubt. Not every design has to break the universe, not every blog post has to go viral, not every dribbble shot has to make it to the popular page, just as long as you keep creating. I’m typing that to myself just as much as I am to you.

So, excuse the grammar mistakes as I challenge myself to a weekly writing challenge. I’m hoping to connect with other designers and welcome an open discussion in the comments section. If anything, I’m sure through writing I’ll learn more about myself.


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