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With summer upon us, the OT’s want to share some fun activities involving Maps. To encourage your child to better understand themselves and their environment.

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Body Mapping Game: increasing your child’s awareness of their body.

1. First, get a long sheet of white paper, and have your child trace your body. If this is too challenging you can help your child trace a sibling or doll.

2. Have your child label where each body part should be. You can start by labeling one side and have them label the other side.

3. To continue the game, have your child talk about the purpose of each body

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“Stop and Go” Obstacle Course: increasing safety within the community.

1. Print out “stop” and “go” or red and green light signs and place them around the house. Let your child get familiar with these signs.

2. Create an obstacle course around the house where your child will learn to stop at the correct time and go at the correct time according to which sign you are holding.

3. Once you feel comfortable with your child’s understanding of the street signs, take them out into the community and cue them to follow the signs outside!

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Scavenger Hunt:

1. Begin with a pirate map that lists the different objects your child needs to find. Feel free to give fun hints of where they can be!

2. You can have your child team up with friends or siblings to encourage peer interaction and make it more fun!

3. Give your child a hidden treasure to make the game more motivating.

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