I’m learning french. This is the main thing I have learned so far…
Mathias Jakobsen

Awesome! Speaking a lot and making tons of mistakes is exactly what you need to do when learning a language (hey there, growth mindset!). And I'm glad your teacher is stressing that the most important thing is to communicate meaning. Hurray that you're texting in French!

Have you tried FluentU? I had great success there learning French (then later went on to work with them for 2.5 years). If the real-world videos aren't your jam, you still might like the learning suggestions and resources from their French learner blog.

Deezer.fr is a nice site for streaming music—with plenty of French playlists. The more you can merge the language with your interests, the better. (I love watching France's "Super Nanny," for example.)

Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I've been on a fun journey with French since 2010, and it continues every day.

Bonne chance !

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