becca! hi! it’s good to *see* you :)
Hilal Isler

Oh wow, I loved learning the story behind what sparked your original post! Normally I'd find the idea of getting to see someone else's marginalia pretty cool—a peek into someone else's thoughts… but not when they're negative and snide like these! What a buzz kill.

It would have stuck out to me too because Gilbert is just trying to do something positive. She's giving inspiration which, if followed, can make the world a brighter place day in and day out with all of that creativity and sharing. It's not easy to open up and be vulnerable, yet it's far too easy for naysayers to look down on or dismiss it in an instant.

I haven't read "Funny Girl" before (in fact, I've just added it to my Goodreads to-read list)—thank you for sharing that moment from the book!