I am so happy I came across this.
Kristyn Ferguson

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, Kristyn—I'm glad you came across this piece too!

Since writing it, I've purchased several of Julie Wilkins's yoga-for-spinal-fusion courses via her Forever Fused School, and use the videos for daily yoga. She is fused herself, and I find her tips and modifications really helpful and encouraging. She has created a huge variety of sessions available (I most recently added "Healthy Hips" and "Happy Hams" to my collection, as my hamstrings are soo tight. Fantastic classes!)

She's become my keystone resource/teacher who is helping me develop this mindful movement in everyday life and strengthening my body. Check her out on Instagram for more—she posts stories/posts with exercises you can do right then and there from home.

Best of luck on your journey—would love to hear how it progresses. Feel free to comment again or email! Sending you strength and encouragement.