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I respectfully disagree, Arielle, in that I found this to be a very well-thought-out and relevant piece. That said, the issues I find to be most impactful in my marriage may very well differ from the ones you find to be so in yours.

Speaking for my marriage only, with the exception of porn (which — I’m so grateful — was a vice he never pursued), I can very much say that each of these issues has affected my marriage dramatically for at least one season of our lives (and most of them throughout our marriage). My husband was strong in some of these areas from the start, and he’s really grown in all of them over the years we’ve been married. I would highly recommend this advice to any married men I know.

Regarding the issue of some women having stronger sexual urges than their husbands, I agree with you that good writings on this are few and far between. I don’t believe, however, that this article was meant to address every area of sex in marriage. I think it was meant to be a quick overview for guys of how to love their wives well — in and out of the “bedroom.” In that, from my perspective, I believe it was precisely on point.

I think your idea of a follow-up article to address some things specifically is a great one! :) I sometimes find my dissatisfaction with certain articles to be not that they didn’t achieve what they set out to, but simply that I was expecting them to be about a somewhat (or entirely) different topic.