The thought of writing a blog came to me about around 2 years before now. Actually someone else suggested and introduced me to this world. It has been two years since then I have been trying to write my first blog. The fear of getting myself lost or criticized by others, my weak grip on English and poor hold on grammar always caught my hands before posting anything online to let me another blogger. My hesitation screwed my two years. Many of the times it came to me that if the world doesn’t give a fuck about me then I also don’t give a fuck about it. But deep inside my heart I do. All of us do. We always do or always want something to do which gain us something. A bit of recognition can be a lot more than an elixir sometimes. 
However before trying anything new and dare enough to present them before the audience we unofficially kick our own asses that ‘that anything new’ is beyond our capabilities. And what we often do next is much more entertaining — whenever we give up trying something we often blame that the thing doesn’t worth it. 
When I came to know about blogging the first thought came to me was ‘WOW’. It fascinated me a lot. But the fascination flew up within couple of days and ‘wow’ turned into a ‘CRAP!’.
It would be better to write a fiction fantasy story characterizing a boy having long and strong elephant’s trunk like dick and a perfect round ass girl having couple of big jugs. This pleasured me some time’s sake. Excuses always find their way to be called ‘excuses’. The real reason or the real me was safe within me. Hesitation lured me from head to toe. Yeah, it provided me a comfort zone but it also stopped me to do any venture. We all have fears. Stage fear is very much common. I remember I wasn’t a good scorer in my school time. Criticism has been a part of my life since childhood. It took me so long to understand that criticism doesn’t meant to let me down, they are meant to make me improve. Regarding presenting myself before anyone, I first of all used to give weird looks to me before anyone could give. To be a judgmental is one of the biggest mistakes of one’s life. All of us should at least give a shot so that may be it won’t hit the goal but it will lead near to the goal. 
Thinking about all the times I hesitated was another one of the big mistakes of my life. Come on, imagine yourself, first you hesitated and fucked up your performance or let the hesitation fuck you and you didn’t show up on the stage, then you kept thinking about it and fucked up your next performance. The only idea of this kind of scenario is totally crap. 
We all make mistakes because it’s like our fundamental right to make mistakes. Shakespeare said that life is a stage and we all are playing characters. Just try being a clown for once. Free yourself from your hesitation and the world laugh at you. Who knows that someday you gonna like it like I do. Swami Vivekananda said that world is a great gymnasium. I started warming up, what about you?