Insanity In the Form of New Age “Conciousnness”

For all the New Agers, and Indigos, that ACTUALLY want change on this planet…


If you actually do have courage, I challenge you to read this article through to the end.

You’re Indigo right, you up for a challenge that promotes change, aren’t you?

If you’re not yet in an internal space where you can actually look yourself in the mirror and own your stuff, you might just click away now.

take a moment… check in yourself now!!!

Now that that’s out of the way… let me post this right here to set some context.

If you see this and agree… Check yourself…

If you read this and see the inherent fallacy, you don’t need keep reading… kudos to you Truth bringer.

Again, if you’re here at this point, remember, I gave you the trigger warning and YOU chose to proceed anyway. The question you need to be asking yourself is, “Do I actually have the courage to face what’s here for me to face?”

If you feel you’d be better off to not process those emotions gurgling in you at this moment, no worries, come back later.

BUT, if you’re still here… let’s go all in…

And allow me to start by setting context for my personal story, cuz it’s really pretty relevant to that meme.

Well, more than relevant, my life is direct denunciation of that idea expressed therein.

I graduated high school with a 2.7 and a 23 on my ACT. I scored a 132 on my IQ test, and a 91 on my ASVAB. So depending on how you guage intelligence, there you go… there’s my stats. (for those that don’t know what the ASVAB is, its a military entrance test… a 91, well, it means I could do any job I wanted… even that super smart ish like messing with nuclear engines on subs and stuff)

At 18 years old, and poor, finding a way to pay for college, I joined the Army Reserves. Was that dumb of me?

Apparently, according to the meme above, it wasn’t “smart”.

Anyway, I went to college, and in a few short semesters, realized I could learn what the “joke” professors were teaching by going to a library and reading a book or two. My third semester in I had a 3.8 on a 4.0…. was that dumb of me?

And yet, all the while, I served. But more than that, I ended up being the 95th Division Soldier of the Year for 2006… but you know, who cares about that… so just let it go… tooting my own horn really…. you can call me arrogant if you’d like, I don’t mind.

Needless to say, what that did was open up my military career to go in any direction of my choosing. Literally, I was told this by the one who signed the papers to the schools of my choosing.

Oh wait, let me also add, that one of my “side jobs” during this time that I had quit school because it was a joke and WAAAAY to flippin expensive, was to write term papers for my friends. They’d give me the assignment, two or three days later, they’d have a paper. And I never got below a B+. So, tell me, how dumb am I if I can NOT be part of the class, and in two days, turn out an “above average” paper…

Apparently I’m not “smart” according to the meme above because I chose to go to the military… but hey, who’s REALLY keeping track.

So, which direction did I take my military career… I quit, and started speaking at Peace Rallys … click here

Why? because yes, I saw the light… and that was that indiscriminate destruction and violence needs to end.

Contextualizing death as “collateral damage” for the sake of justifying military actions out of convenience is evil. Don’t try to twist any other way. I ain’t gonna let you out of it that easy. If you go there with me, trust and believe you’ll face your own irrationality… #TriggerWarning

No need for me to go into the inherent hypocrisy of the military-industrial complex… until later on when we get to what Hillary has been part of… don’t worry, the paper trail shows all… propaganda can’t cover it.

Now for you “Indigos” who feel a purpose…. Let me ask you, what have YOU done to promote real change?

Are you meme warriors like the individual above?

Check yourself, really? Is all that you engage in, is posting memes conveniently to your profile?

Is that it? Really? … maybe you also attend “intensives”… kudos, keep going then.

Question: Are you willing to sit in the trenches with those you disagree with, and battle through a conversation to come to a mutual understanding where you both actually feel heard? Or are you one to walk out on conversations because you’re “triggered.” … trust and believe I’ve walked out on many a conversations… just ask my wife.

The point is, do you use being “triggered” to scapegoat out of being accountable to your emotions?

What do you find offensive? Can you embrace a dialogue with some who opposes your view WITHOUT making them wrong or blasting their character?

Don’t get me wrong, I can post memes with the best of ’em… just ask my brothers. I’m sure they’ll tell you straight.

Oh, hey, and let me mention my brothers for a minute. I have five of ’em, all older than I, so it might take awhile…

Short version, 5 of the 6 of have served in the military. Three of us are in IT, and have IQ’s that out pace most of society. I’m not sure about the other three, they don’t talk about it much. But chances, they’re smarter than you… just saying, probability will be what it is.

3 of us have seen actual combat… have actually seen friends die for the motive of protecting you and your “trigger warnings”.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the value in having trigger warnings… it gives the option to not engage something you know will be emotionally distressing, and cause you undue stress. I get it. I think they’re useful.

But if You use them to keep You from facing what You actually need to face… You’re just avoiding… that’s not very “conscious” of You, now is it.

I don’t mean to put it so bluntly, but that’s just the fact of the matter.

Now remember, I already gave you the trigger warning, so don’t get all “social justice warrior” on me… I know the game, I can play it well.

And you see, that’s the point. You’re playing a game. Those of you who ACTUALLY believe the meme above.

If you really want to find out where Hillary’s intentions lie, go research the deal she brokered as Secretary of State with Saudi Arabia. Research the human rights violations that Saudi Arabia has on their rap sheet. Now research the type of weapons Hillary sold them.

Then sit there and tell me, in all honesty, that you actually believe she’s not part of that “military industrial complex” you so wish didn’t exist.

Let’s not mention the fact that she lied under oath, we’ll just sweep that under the rug.

We’ll also not mention that one of the traits of being “Indigo” is the ability to detect dishonesty when you see it. We won’t mention that either.

Ooops, I think I just did.

Now, as for me and my brothers, we don’t always agree. Some of us still serve in that “military-industrial complex”, or in the “Police-state”, in various capacities and forms. Sometimes we have heated debates that go SUPER friggin deep into issues.

For example, I believe not everything is being told about 9/11, as for some of my brothers, they generally agree with the given narrative of what happened. We all have our views and opinions. We all get emotionally engaged in conversations. And we all feel passionate about what we stand for.

THAT, is absolutely fantastic. We can speak our views without hating each other.

My general sense is, that my actions, and what I stand for is generally misunderstood by them; though I believe there has been a bridging of that gap as of late. I also sense that some of them feel similarly, that they feel misunderstood by me.


With your triggers and all.

Why, because the part of that meme above about Indigos ruling the world… Its true! …. in a certain respect.

And that is, I intend to be a significant influence in shaping the future of this planet, or die trying… and I know if you identify as an “Indigo” you feel the same.

It’s what shapes your view of the world… so much so that you’re not really all that comfortable with calling yourself “Indigo”. You don’t like to label, and pre-judge people. You don’t like to be put in boxes, nor do you like to put people in boxes.

And THAT is the issue with the meme above. Its not really “indigo”. Its political rhetoric in the form of “New Age” spiritualism. Its as evil as the “military-industrial complex”.

Why? Because its the same ideology underlying both that supports promoting war for the maximization of the bottom line. Parse out the motive of the meme from the rhetoric. Identify the pattern of action its wanting you to move in as you go about supporting what you support.

Form your own damn opinion, not the whims of someone else using BS propaganda to push a politician.

As for my brothers and others like ‘em… they’ll keep giving their lives if need be to give you the freedom to freely voice your judgement of them… if, of course, that is the form of “consciousness” you choose to be part of…

but we both know you’re better than that…

you don’t judge… do you?

As far as Hillary’s view on EDUCATION…. tell me, does she propose ending compulsory education?


Okay then, tell me… how is it, that someone who supports making this world “a better place” is okay with forcing children into a system for which they have no choice to be there or not… unless of course their parents want to jump through the paper-work hoops to homeschool…. that’s given the parents are actually in a space to be able to homeschool… So the question is, in your support of Hillary, or any other politician for that matter…. are you also supporting the idea of forcing others against their will due to the legislative of regulatory policies that individual promotes?

Have you even considered that Your support of a politician and their policies is ALSO an action of supporting the idea of forcing others against their will?

That’s not very “conscious”… now is it…

I mean, forcing others is soooooooo old world its not even funny!


That said, if you’re the originator of that meme above, and you believe actively pumping money into the Hillary Machine is the way to promote change, and ALSO espouse to be an “Indigo”, I invite you to an open dialogue…. it would seem we have some distinctly different views on what it means to be an “Indigo”… I’d like to understand where you’re coming from…

Care to chat?

Now, for those of you who feel resonance with what has been written here… do you’re part in eradicating false notions in the New Age movement… be the meme warrior we all love being… share this!

Shine Your Light,

— -

P.S. that bit about Student Load Debt being far more damaging than combat experience… compassion, empathy… send healing energy… if you don’t understand it, don’t even approach a combat veteran dealing with PTSD… don’t even go there… if you don’t understand it, just keep your distance… for your safety, and the safety of those around… that’s serious stuff you’re messing with.