AI Pioneer Now Says We Need to Start Over. Some of Us Have Been Saying This for Years

This Bothers Me

This is just a short post to point out how progress in science and technology can be held back by those who set themselves as the leaders. Artificial Intelligence pioneer Geoffrey Hinton now says that we should discard backpropagation, the deep learning technique used by deep neural nets, and start over. This bothers me because I and many others have been saying this for years. Some of us, including Jeff Hawkins, have known that this was not the way to go since the 1990s. Here is a blog article I wrote about this very topic back in 2015: Why Deep Learning Is a Hindrance to Progress Toward True AI.

Demis Hassabis, the Champion of Backpropagation

What is amazing about this is that Geoffrey Hinton is a famous Google employee (engineering fellow) and AI expert. He is now directly contradicting Demis Hassabis, another famous Google employee and co-founder of DeepMind, an AI company that has been acquired by Google. Hassabis and his team at DeepMind recently published a peer-reviewed paper in which they suggested that backpropagation is used by the brain and that their research may uncover biologically plausible models of backprop. I wrote a blog article about this recently: Why Google’s DeepMind Is Clueless About How Best to Achieve AGI.

I find the whole thing rather annoying because these are people who are paid millions of dollars to know better. Oh, well.