Why BigTech (Apple, Google) Is Scaling Back on Self-Driving Cars.
Seyi Fabode

Excellently written article. The biggest problem with self-driving cars is in the AI that drives them. In spite of all the denials, deep neural nets are just fancy rule-based expert systems. Expert systems are a GOFAI era invention from the last century. It is still symbolic AI. They all suffer from catastrophic failure whenever they encounter a situation for which there are no rules. Billions of miles of training will not solve the problem.

I’m afraid that full driving autonomy cannot be achieved unless we solve the AGI problem. A breakthrough could happen soon or it could take decades or longer. I just don’t see a breakthrough coming from the mainstream anytime soon. The mainstream is married to and madly in love with deep learning. Only a maverick or lone wolf rebel who thinks outside the box can crack this problem.

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