Why I March — It’s what makes America Great!

#WhyIMarch — I march out of reverence for my mother, and my grandmothers and future generations of women who will enjoy their human rights. I march because I was given the opportunity for an education. I proudly march as the first woman in my family to get a college degree. I march in celebration for the progress we’ve made in the last 50 years and the path we can continue to pave for the next gen.

I march because WE still haven’t “shattered” that glass ceiling, even though we have a useful place in the office. ($.78 to their $1.00, which is a huge improvement over the past decades, but not good enough) I march for all of the entrepreneurial women who didn’t want to swallow, and forged their own way.

I march for our current and future financial freedoms — that we can own property, credit cards, and businesses. We don’t HAVE to be dependent on a man for financial support.

I march for Reproductive Rights… and for the progress we have made in protecting women from domestic violence, for basic healthcare for women and children, and for continued control over our own bodies and decisions.

I grew up in a generation of “firsts” for women. From athletes to CEO’s, from scientist to judges, from the military to politicians. Women were breaking records and joining worlds that were previously reserved for men only. The young women today can take all of this for granted. Courageous woman stepped up to make change happen.

I march with empathy, as a sister to the less fortunate women of the world. Together, we are powerful beyond belief. I march with gratitude that we are FREE and we CAN march in the United States of America (at least for now). That’s what makes America Great!!

How quickly 50 years have passed, we are long overdue in uniting the power of women to take care of our Mother Earth and her children.

Above all, I marched for fun! Don’t you think women need to be celebrated as much as a Superbowl, or at least once a decade? It’s good to connect with our sisters and find our collective strength and love. It was a peaceful and cathartic outlet for many voices, a spirited and spiritual experience, and a festive parade of pretty pink hats!

I march as a proxy, because I understand that some women can’t, won’t or don’t feel comfortable voicing their concerns. It’s sad, that some don’t understand “why march” and won’t join in. Maybe their husbands have eased their financial burdens, or they weren’t driven to have a career, or perhaps they already have a union that protects their paychecks and benefits. Or maybe, it is just their conservative upbringing. Perhaps the younger women who don’t understand, may have never really had to deal with gender discrimination or sexual harassment, because we have already paved the way for them and they were handed opportunities on a silver platter.

I soothe myself and realize … If they haven’t experienced it, or had to fight for it, how can they possibly appreciate it.

It’s ok. I will march for you anyway. Please don’t judge me too harshly. Like me, I hope that one day your granddaughters will be grateful that we did.

See my #WOMENSMARCHDENVER video here: