I guess I want to be remembered as the best. Not remembered for the things I’ve half assed or failed. Just simply remembered for the things I’ve excelled at. Funny thing is, out of the million things a person does right nothing stains in a audience’s mind more than a fail.

It’s like people want you to fail beacaue you failing gives them a tiny piece of hope that “maybe just maybe there’s room for me in that tiny room of success stories.”

I guess I’m different from most, because I want us all to win. I don’t feel naive in that dream. Realistically speaking I know EVERYONE can’t be “rich” but why can’t we all be successful and happy? Why does your happiness depend on someone else’s lack there of?

It gets lonely at the top they say and I’m sure it does for most…. But I know who I’m taking with me and it’s always a good time when they’re around.

So I challenge you guys not to give in to the “it’s a dog eat dog world out there” and really live in the service of others. If you can’t reach your goal with out stepping on, belittling, or completely demolishing another’a soul, maybe it’s time to wake up, talk a walk and fall asleep to another dream. #rebelthat

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