Shut up and listen
Brooke Butler

I’m with you, and I’m a middle aged woman, a Gen Xer. I adore your generation, keep doing what you’re doing. I don’t think you young people are naive, I think you are awake.

The ‘affirmative’ vote, a vote for something rather than against, is considered a protest vote while the ‘insane’ (“the definition of insanity”) vote is a smart one.

Up is down these days, isn’t it?

Another one that annoys me is the “wasted” vote — this doesn’t make sense to me either. It seems to be the opposite of a waste to vote for what you want — isn’t that literally what a vote is? Besides, it’s not just about “winning” for me. It’s about turning things around and moving them in a better direction.

I don’t understand why my generation hasn’t figured it out yet, but yours brings me hope for our future.

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