Yes, I am voting for Jill. No, I do not hate Hillary.

I don’t hate Obama either, or Bernie for that matter. I don’t even hate Trump …. on most days. He is a challenge, I will admit.

Now, I don’t trust Hillary but that’s not the point of my little rant here.

I reject the establishment and, unfortunately, the some of my favorite people are part and parcel of it. I realize that they are doing the best they can from where they are, and I am okay with that. The proper question is who do you trust to work for your interests? Hillary simply does not pass the smell test.

The bipartisan establishment is invested in inequality, not because its people want inequality, but because it was built to be unequal. It is inherently unjust, it’s baked in the cake.

People like Bernie and Obama remain within the establishment because it is their responsibility to keep it functional, so they must work within the rot, even if that means getting some of it on them. We, as citizens, have no such responsibility.

The people of America have no other recourse, we can uphold the inherently rotten system or we can challenge it.

I choose to challenge it.