Why the ICC works

Today the International Criminal Court moves into its new, permanent headquarters in the Netherlands. The ICC has been under assault by some African nations, whose leaders claim that the ICC is “racist”.

Africans more than any other world citizens have asked the ICC for its help. The worst of atrocities continue to happen in certain parts of Africa. The need for justice in those parts of the continent is urgent. Yes, there are other places in the world where crimes against humanity happen. This is why it’s very important that more resources are channeled towards the ICC, particularly for victim reparations.

If somebody asked me, “Why do you think the ICC is so important?” this is how I would answer the question:

“The world has monsters in hiding, people who have lost their humanity — people who put rifles into the hands of children and then drug them; people who wipe out entire villages with unbelievable cruelty. This Court and other Courts, the system of justice when it’s properly applied, guarantees these lost souls their rights. They are treated as human beings, even though they have failed to allow that to their victims. They are given their rights, even though they have denied the rights of all of their victims. This is the only reason for them to come out. If it wasn’t for the ICC and other courts like it, these hardened folks would have no reason to come out.”

Anybody who denies the importance of the ICC and the emerging area of International Criminal Justice (based on the Responsibility to Protect our fellow world citizens), must be doing so for their own personal agendas, and not out of logic or reason. In my opinion.