$REBUS. Not just another crypto.

The volume of cryptocurrencies and NFTs popping up can be mind-numbing. Even worse, some are so outrightly absurd it makes it hard to distinguish between legitimate opportunities and half-jokes. So, why is Rebus dead set on adding to the fray? Well, we’re not. Our native $REBUS coin is merely a regulatory vehicle taking us to a place where serious players can participate in the next major milestone of the DeFi evolution. The Rebus Platform will put crypto products into the hands of banks, asset managers, insurers, and the like to be sold to their customers, the remaining traditional investors.

There’s so much room and design space for applications that aren’t focused on maximizing profit but on creating value for users.
- Bill Rennekamp, Cosmos Hub Lead

What does that mean in terms of my assets, you ask? Well, in the US, 58% of people are invested in traditional markets (TradFi), but only 13% are invested in crypto. Assuming that crypto investors are already in TradFi (not 100% true), that’s over 150 million people likely to go along with a 1–3% diversification into crypto as advised by a trusted asset manager, for a managed portfolio. Early adopters will be able to put their DeFi assets to work for additional streams of passive income as demand for said assets accelerates towards hyper-adoption. For reference, as of Nov 2021, only 292M people, globally, were invested in crypto. The question is, what would the value of your crypto be if global demand increased by 5–10X in 2023? Another 3–4X of that through 2025? Because that’s what happens in a hyper-adoption cycle.

Successfully taking DeFi to the next level requires more adoption. More adoption demands simplicity and more value. The Rebus platform achieves both. But again, the $REBUS coin is not competing with $ATOM, $ETH, or $BTC and is not some cheap thrill meme-coin. Its role is to allow the trading and leveraging of serious DeFi assets in a familiar fashion to traditional financial products. So, what’s the value of a non-competitive coin whose main value is the transaction volume of various DeFi products between various financial houses and their clients?

If you haven’t already, you can read about our vault, our products available, and subsequent income streams for some context.

As we’ve mentioned before, $REBUS is the regulatory vehicle enabling us to achieve our vision. $REBUS will act as a regulated medium for TradFis integration of DeFi products by being used in every transaction made throughout the platform. The value of the Rebus Platform is directly related to the volume of transactions, which is quite an attractive vision given the coming crypto hyper-adoption phase as complexities fall away and utilities improve.

However, simply having a token is not enough. We need a network of decentralized yet atomic chains to connect to if we are to entice the billions of dollars TradFi organizations have waiting for DeFi. $REBUS leverages application-specific blockchain technology to meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing essential liquidity. The Rebus Investment Platform uses $REBUS as an intermediary between each DeFi protocol and our vaults. This means customers no longer have to engage in the complexities required by crypto investing today.

When asked what is required to take Cosmos (et al) to the next level, Cosmos Hub Lead Bill Rennekamp further stated that “the best focus for the application types is going to be those that aren’t necessarily like these high risk, high reward, but focusing on bringing in large user groups that are doing exciting and valuable application types.” We couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re tapping into the remaining market of active investors not yet in crypto.

How do I get involved with $REBUS?

$REBUS will be launching late this summer and will be listed on DEXs (Decentralized exchanges) (and CEX) across the board, where anyone can freely get in before the launch of the first financial products, planned for Q1 CY2023. Additionally, we will have our public TestNet available for developers looking to help test, see the platform in action, and eventually, add products that can be traded on the platform.

So what are you waiting for? Register for Rebus announcements and be among the first in line to see and benefit from DeFi going mainstream.



Taking DeFi Mainstream 🌎 Bringing DeFi Investments to Traditional Investors 🤝 A builder of #Cosmos ⚛️

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Rebus Chain

Taking DeFi Mainstream 🌎 Bringing DeFi Investments to Traditional Investors 🤝 A builder of #Cosmos ⚛️