Roulette Weekly 005: Destiny Free

In a week where everyone is back on the Destiny grind again, I’ve managed to avoid caving and buying the game. I’m proud of my self control, came really close a couple of times. Destiny was a game I put hundreds of hours into and by the end I was just done, and once I saw that the sequel was going to be more of the same instead of the idealized vision of the sequel I dreamed of, I decided I was out. That is my eulogy for my time with Destiny.

Did a lot of other fun stuff though, so let’s get to that.

スプラトゥーン2 (Splatoon 2)

Going to try to make this the last weekly where I talk about this game, because I have bigger plans. I bought the Japanese version of Splatoon 2 so I could get in on that hot McNuggets vs Fries Splatfest! $55 well spent! Really it was though, because I got to Super McNugget Girl rank (using a girl inkling on that version) and I loved seeing all of the art as Ronald McDonald and Pearl as Pennywise from IT. Really great timing. Also McNuggets won, duh.

The matchmaking is rough because it’s ping-based and I live in Kentucky. But Splatfests are still a lot of fun. Will probably hop in to check the art every once in awhile, and it’s the perfect excuse to practice reading Japanese again (really fell off after graduating).

Everybody’s Golf, Nobody’s Golf

Everybody’s Golf came out at the end of last month, and as much fun as the series has been, there’s just something not quite right about this one. The custom characters lack the charm of the previous games, and the tournaments all seem random. The older games felt like carefully crafted experiences, where this one feels like My First Everybody’s Golf.

The worst part about it is the gameplay. I LOVE the way they made every course feel like a real golf course. You can hit onto other fairways, love it. But every course just feels pretty easy, and there are only 5 courses, I’m on the 4th one and it’s really easy. They manage to balance this out by making tweaks to the system that lead to some really weird things. For example: Using backspin (to get a ball to stop rolling) can lead to you hitting the wrong part of the ball and hitting it way off course.

I get the drive to make this game appeal to newcomers, but it’s just rubbing me the wrong way. I don’t feel hooked like I did with the other games in the series, and that’s a shame. I want to love it, but it’s just not happening.

Strangely enough, the caddies are awesome, and show part of that old charm in the series.

Weekly Album: Sleep Well Beast

The National released Sleep Well Beast this week, and I liked it. I feel like they tried to be a bit more…active in this album, for lack of a better word. There’s a pretty fun energy behind some of the songs. If you’re a fan of The National you’ve probably heard it already, but if not. Check out “The System Dreams in Total Darkness” and “Turtleneck.”

Football is back baby!

Kentucky is 2–0! And the Niners are 0–1! Yeah!!

I don’t really watch a lot of football on TV, I prefer to listen to it on the radio. I’m able to do other stuff (like playing video games) and I’d take the radio play by play over some of the commentary we get on TV.

Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the year that the Niners will be back, young team, new EVERYTHING, but still trying to be optimistic. For awhile anyway.

Ultimate Tekken Bowl

I loved Tekken Bowl in the Tekken Tag Tournament, and the DLC that came out is pretty good. I mean, it’s not going to get me to go back to Tekken, but it’s a really fun diversion. Haven’t really messed with anyone outside of Lili (low power, high spin), but it’s a lot of fun. I love the way the lanes change when you get a strike.

The best part is unlocking bowling items to customize your characters. Nothing beats using a Rage Art to make bowling pins rain on your opponent and KOing them with the sound of pins going down.

Weekly Ranking: My 5 favorite soundtrack CDs

When I went back to school, I sold basically everything I had to make it through. One of the biggest regrets I made was selling my copy of Splatoon: Live in Makuhari. Well, I fixed it by buying a new copy of it. Made me think of my favorite game and anime CDs I had. So this list is fun. I’m probably going to spin this out into it’s own thing. But here’s the list

  1. Gitaroo Man Original Soundtrack- Favorite game of all time, soundtrack is just about perfect
  2. Splatoon: Live in Makuhari- Recordings of the two Squid Sisters concerts (aka the best damn music in Splatoon) along with new tracks.
  3. True Colors: The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Volume 2- Aka the soundtrack for all of Sonic’s shitty friends. Some really really great music though.
  4. FLCL Original Soundtrack 3- The Pillows. This is their best stuff from the anime, and full versions of each song to boot.
  5. Subarashiki Kono Sekai + The World Ends With You- Remixes of some of the best songs in the game as well as the official release of the English songs (THREE MINUTES CLAPPING).

Other Cool Things

Mission Hill is one of my favorite one off animated shows. Loved reading this piece about it from Polygon.

Lethal League Blaze got announced, and this trailer has all of the style in the world. Love the remix of Ordinary Days by Klaus Veen, my favorite track from the first game.

Resident Evil VII’s DLC finally got announced. December is a long way away, but I’m ready for both of them. Excited to see how they wrap up this amazing game.

To follow up on last week’s talk about Rick and Morty. “Rixty Minutes” is an absolute gem of an episode. The gags are whatever, it was the ice cold line dropped by Morty that stuck with me when talking about burying his own corpse. Goddamn what a show.

Pat McAfee, former NFL punter, breaks down an amazing punt by Johnny Hekker. Love hearing people explain stuff like this. #RespectTheArt indeed

Discovered Seto’s work, glad to put a name to the person behind all of that amazing Splatoon art out there. The latest set with all of the idols in formal wear is amazing.

Until next time…

Hopefully I get things settled and this is in a brand new shiny spot next week.

I wrote this thing two weeks in a row, and that’s awesome. Even if folks don’t read it. I’m happy to get it out there.

I have the next two days off to keep rolling. Will keep rolling, thanks for reading!