An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

Gen X’er here. My generation was the first to get screwed over by the policies put in place by the Boomer generation. It’s only gotten worse since then. I’m sorry. Perhaps we X’ers should accept part of the blame. After all, we could have worked on reversing the damage caused by the Boomers, but alas, we lived up to our generation’s slacker stereotype.

I do want to address all the holier-than-thou’s tut-tutting and wagging their fingers at Talia. You don’t know what you’re talking about. What’s happening to Talia and other Millennials is wholly unnecessary and criminal really.

So what if she had an entry-level position? Even people working in entry-level positions should expect to be paid a living wage. Not an extravagant wage, a living one. When the Boomers were Talia’s age, an entry-level position was enough to start a family on. Hear that? A family. When my parents married, my father took an entry-level position on GMAD-Leeds assembly line. They were able to purchase their first home and have a baby on what GMAD paid my father. Contrast this to when I graduated from college the first time. My first entry-level position didn’t pay me enough to do what my parents had done only a few years before. I didn’t start earning a decent wage until I had put in many, many years in low paying jobs. Too many to have been reasonable. The Millennials are even worse off than my generation was.

Even from the time I enrolled in my first semester of college to now, tuition has risen to an obscene level. People are now priced out of an education. Even when I was attending college, the tuition would rise every year. I said then that if this trend continues, people will be priced out of an education or have to take on so much debt that they’ll never get out of it. Well, here we are. Oh, and pricing people out of an education altogether is a great way to create an exploitable underclass. An underclass that you can keep dependent by not paying them enough to live.

So you think Talia has an entitled attitude and wants everything handed to her. Funny, I don’t see her whining that her entry-level salary isn’t enough to buy the designer handbag she saw in Vogue. What I did see is her expecting to just be paid a living wage so she could splurge on luxuries like food, heat, and shelter. I mean, just wow. How entitled and spoiled.

You also are dead wrong about scolding her for where she lives. Tech companies are the main culprits behind Gentrification. They move into an area, rent goes up to astronomical amounts, and long time established residents and independent ‘mom and pop’ businesses are forced out. Problem is, if you want to work in a tech field, you have to move to where they are, which means moving into one of these gentrified areas. Unless you are one of the movers and shakers in the tech world, you can’t afford to live in the area, but you have to live there in order to work. It’s a Catch-22.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of why everything is so screwed up. Millennials are in an almost impossible situation that wasn’t of their making.

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