Family Impact on Patient Sobriety in Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab

Family is important for many people even when they are not going through addiction treatment. For many of those going through addiction treatment, family will be their biggest support system when they come home. While your loved one is in treatment at Recovery Ways we understand that you may miss them and want to stay in touch with them. Recovery Ways knows the importance of family and the support that they offer recovering addicts.

Our Family Program is an integral part of the recovery process at Recovery Ways. The primary purpose of our program is to educate and support our patient’s families in the many ways that the family system has been impacted.The Recovery Ways Family Program consists of two days of activities structured to help you understand the nature of your family member’s condition, whether it is substance abuse, dual diagnosis, cross addiction, chronic pain or a combination of these. The program consists of family therapy as well as instructional and experiential activities that are similar to those which your loved one has experienced while in treatment.

The Family Program at Recovery Ways

On each day of the program you will meet with the staff members who have been responsible for managing the care of your family member. These meetings are designed to help you clearly understand the innate nature of your family member’s condition, including past, present and future concerns. Comprehensive Discharge Planning will also be discussed in detail so that you can support your family member in their ongoing recovery efforts. Many families find it is helpful to pursue ongoing individual and family therapy after discharge.

Both the patient and family may have a myriad of hopes, expectations, and fears regarding the Recovery Ways Family Program and some family members will be challenged by our program. Family members have reported that they experienced significant healing of their own during the Family Program at Recovery Ways.

Get Help for a Loved-One

If you have a friend or loved-one suffering from addiction and/or mental health issues, we can help. Learn more about how you can help a loved-one get the help need.


Family members will learn about their loved one’s addiction and its effects, they will also receive an overview of the recovery and some treatment resources. They will learn how they can help their loved ones, themselves, and the family as a whole. They will also learn about relapse warning signs and prevention. Recovery Ways works with the patient, the patient’s family, and other support groups as a team to make sure when the patient completes treatment they are surrounded by supportive, strong, loving, and caring people. We want to give the patient every tool to maintain their new sober life.

Visiting Family Members in Drug Rehab

Other than the planned Family Program visits, Recovery Ways also offers family visitations on Sunday afternoons. We want family members to feel welcomed and be apart of the healing process for our patients. Rebuilding any trust that may have been lost during the addiction or prior and helping families understand the addiction and recovery process is vital. Our facilities offer a comfortable lodge-like atmosphere where family members will feel welcomed and comfortable.

Being there for your loved one during treatment and after is vital. Through the family program at Recovery Ways you will learn to understand your loved one’s addiction and some of their struggles. You will learn how small changes in your life will make vast improvements for theirs especially after treatment. You will be one of their biggest and most reliable support systems to help them maintain their sobriety and prosper on the road to recovery. This can also be a time to overcome obstacles that many families face in communication and understanding one another. With the help and supportive environment many things can be overcome together. Family is important for everyone, especially those in recovery.

Find Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab for a Loved One

Recovery Ways has an exceptional family participation program for loved ones who want to understand and heal through the complexities of addiction. If you’re ready to get your loved-one into an effective drug rehab program, please contact us immediate. Our admissions team can be reached at 1–888–986–7848 and will help find the best possible options for you and your family.

Originally published at on May 12, 2017.