Meet Nick: My first week as a Start-up Intern

The story of how I became an intern for a tech start-up starts at the beginning of autumn, around a week before I was due to begin my second year at university as a Computer Science student. I was put in contact with the Head of Product Development of a start-up, conveniently based on my university campus.

He seemed very interested in my previous experiences and what I was looking to achieve during my time at university. All of this seemed to happen very quickly, having not considering becoming an intern 24 hours prior to our conversation. Once the rest of the team had discussed my position amongst them, I was welcomed with open arms. I was now an intern!

I was a bit apprehensive at first, having never before been an intern; conducting various phone interviews before meeting the team was both exciting and scary.

I was also concerned that I would be unable to manage the balance of university work and the internship, having had a part-time job at a supermarket in my first year which was extremely stressful. However, the opportunity for valuable work experience at a tech start-up was too good to pass up.

I began familiarising myself with the programming languages and frameworks that I would be using; being a Software Developer, I would need to have a deep understanding of the relevant concepts in order to be a useful member of the team.

Once I had learnt enough (it would be impossible to know everything about a programming language or framework!) I was ready to start working on the backlog of tasks, which is where I am now! I am looking forward to getting stuck in and using my newly acquired skills, to further my experience and benefit the business.

Written by: Nicholas Orgill, Software Developer(Intern), RecruitSumo

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