Recruiting Metrics Part 2

Now that we’ve made friends with recruiting metrics let’s take the relationship one step further. For today’s lesson I want to look at our social platforms and see how we can use the numbers to make our jobs (and recruitment efforts) easier and more efficient.

Transparency through

While thought of as only a US tool, Glassdoor has proved to be beneficial to all of our markets. I currently serve as the admin to our Glasdoor page and now that iCIMS is finished a lot of my efforts will work towards creating some constancy with the newly branded Axway career page. Even before this relaunch, Glassdoor can still be beneficial to recruiting and I have the numbers to prove it.

The graph above shows our Glassdoor traffic for the last 12 months. Looking at March 2017 it lists 8,935 total page views. That’s over 288 views every day! As the line graph so easily shows we have been steadily increasing our traffic and 2017 has shown to be our most popular 3 months to date. The graph is calculating visitors from all over the globe. When we filter to the US numbers we see the following;

So the majority of Glassdoor visitors are based in the US. However my next statistic will get more specific and start to look at popular jobs and locations being viewed on our site. This is real time data pulled off the site today!

Now I don’t know about you, but seeing 3 EMEA locations in the top 5 is great! Now with an ATS (finally!) We can start to measure referral sources from our applicants. Hopefully we will see these numbers backed up when we start to measure how our applicants heard about Axway or where they initially saw/responded to our postings.

Glassdoor is an important resource as it contains data and is visited by both prospective and current employees. Based on reviews from our current (or departed) employees we are currently

2.9 out of 5 isn’t where we want to be but is an improvement over recent years. Luckily we have the data science to dive deeper into these statistics and the following graph gives us an overview of all employee reviews.

This table has a lot of information but to make for quick viewing anything GREEN is good while the PINK shows areas for improvement. As you can probably guess based on the larger amount of US visitors, Phoenix is the #1 office represented by our employee reviews. Surprisingly enough Bucharest is only 1 review behind in second place! With the high average rating for Romania, Glassdoor could be a great resource to share with prospective candidates. They will be able to read positive reviews from our current employees and get some insight into how great it is to work at Axway.

Next are Puteaux and Sofia. While these company ratings are lower than we would like they do present an opportunity for improvement. The numbers show that employees are most approving of our Comp and Benefits and Work/Life balance so these can be good things to share with our applicants during recruitment. Social Campaigning can be a large topic for another discussion but hopefully these numbers give all of the Recruiters of Interest some insight into what our candidates are seeing and commenting through the Glassdoor site.

More BANG for our BUCKS using

Now we’ve had many discussions or Boolean strings and search tactics but I wanted to look at some of the stats LinkedIn provides regarding our job postings. Hopefully you all have seen these before but it can be valuable to dive in another level and really put these numbers to work for us.

Clicks and Views

All of the jobs we post on L.I. have access to analytics on “views” and “applys.” We can see this on the jobs page with the listing of all posted jobs.

By clicking the mouse a few more times we can get to the backend where it shows the really valuable data.

The activity summary will show activity for the last month. Using the “See More” link we can see this spread out in more detail. “Apply” are always listed first.

And total viewers second…

To me, this data is useful as it gives an indication of 2 things. The first thing is the job title. LinkedIn uses push notifications to send our jobs out to profiles in their database with the same title as our job description. Typically you will see this exemplified by a high number of views on the 1st couple of days of posting. If we are not seeing a large number of post “views” it may be that we didn’t select a common job title and our post is not being pushed out to many passive profiles on LinkedIn. L.I. does all of this extra work automatically so it is good to take advantage of it!

The second thing I use these metrics for are Click/Apply ratio. If your job is being seen by candidates but the “applys” are low it could mean a couple of things. One, it could be that the job is just not the right fit. Or it could mean the description/posting was not engaging and the candidate stopped reading and moved to another post. Maybe the post itself is too long or difficult to read. Another reason could be the job was posted 30 days ago and the candidate doesn’t think it’s fresh or still available. Whatever the case, we as recruiters work hard to make Axway visible and accessible to candidates who may not even know we exist. All the hard work can be wasted if the candidates are getting to us, but don’t take the next step to apply and be considered for employment.

In our space with so many hard to find “niche” skillsets our click to apply ratio can be low. There is no magic number of where it should be but you can use the numbers to see what jobs are getting visibility and more importantly who is clicking apply and sending us their resumes.

Here is an example of a posting that is doing quite well…


With iCIMS analytics we can track if these “75 apply clicks” actually made it to our career page and completed an application. Using some quick math (75/524) we can see the click/apply ratio as 14% or basically 1 out of every 7 applicants who viewed this job decided to apply. If your posts aren’t at this same level it might be worth some time revisiting the job description and seeing what can be done to create some excitement and attract more candidates.

Our favorite little blue bird, Larry

Yes the twitter bird has a name and it’s Larry. You’ll find Larry along with the other social distribution tabs on our career page.

Now I admit, I don’t use twitter as much as I should (or used to before iCIMS) but our marketing team has continue to build the Axway brand and our twitter page. Any given day there are multiple posts that being “tweeted” and potentially accessible to all 4,263 of Axway followers.

Beyond these followers are “retweets” and hashtags that are used to increase our reach even further. Twitter, like Glassdoor and LinkedIn can really increase our global footprint and put Axway in touch with thousands if not millions of candidates! Now our @axwayjobs page doesn’t have the same following as @axway but this again presents an opportunity for improvement.

Now we have a long way to go to catch up to the corporate site but just imagine if you could post one of your jobs and have it seen by thousands of Axway followers almost instantly. This can be an extremely valuable tool at our disposal and I would encourage all of the Recruiters of Interest, if you aren’t using twitter now, the time has come to start!

While Twitter is not as fun or flashy as Instagram we can still use the # hashtags to be creative and get our message out. Searching for #cloud #digitaljobs #itjobs #jobs will yield hundreds of results. #worklifebalance and #ilovemyjob can be just as effective!

Well team I hope I have succeeded in bringing metrics and analytics to you in a manner which is useful for your recruiting. Leveraging our Social Platforms can make our lives so much easier by reaching more candidates than we could ever contact by phone or email. It also creates a greater return on the investments we are currently spending a lot of our budget on. My fellow sensei Paul Jr and myself are always available to help or provide advice on how to work within these platforms. I hope you all enjoyed my series and look forward to your feedback in the webinar.

Goodbye! Au revoir!Довиждане! la revedere! Adios Amigos!

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