We scoured the SourceCon presentations to gather the tools recommended. Check out the special SourceCon 10th Anniversary collection on RecruiterHunt for dozens of tools recommended by some of the world’s best sourcers!

  1. Search or mine your ATS with a tool like this or this.
  2. Search coding academies like this for free resumes
  3. Find a targeted job board in this directory
  4. Get a referral from an incumbent
  5. X-ray an industry site
  6. X-ray Twitter
  7. Post to Angel List — it’s free
  8. Search email discussion forums or listservs
  9. Search Github using one of these tools
  10. Search a Google Custom Search Engine, or build your own
  11. Search Data.com/connect
  12. Search academic papers
  13. Search Facebook with one of these tools
  14. Find software engineers in your congressional district
  15. Pay big bucks for a tech sourcing platform like this or…

It’s taken me longer than I predicted, but I’ve finally gotten around to adding comments to RecruiterHunt. Here is an example:

This is a big step toward helping recruiters figure out what’s worth trying, and/or how to use tools. Have you tried Facebook Intelligence Search? If so, drop us a note to let us know what you think. How often do you use it? For which positions? Does it work as promised? Leave us a comment, ask a question or start a discussion!

If you’re a tech recruiter, and you have to ask “What is Github?”, you’re not ready for prime time. Chances are, you’ve already tried to find a developer on Github. If you haven’t tried, here are a few ways to source from this rich pool of open source enthusiasts.

Before you jump into sourcing, it might help to understand a few terms:

In Github, users contribute to open source software projects by submitting a “commit”, or revision, to an existing file or set of files. Projects are managed in a “repository”, allowing collaborators to manage version, access control, manage tasks…

Whois.com tracks domain name ownership; search the Whois database for domain names to find the owner’s address, phone number and email address.

When to use this tactic:
When sourcing, you might come upon a lead’s personal website or blog. Use the URL to search the Whois database to find the owner’s contact info. In the example above, we searched recruiterhunt.com.

Website owners can pay for extra security to hide their personal info. Many website owners are too cheap to pay for that extra security, yours truly included.

Do you find Whois effective? Upvote it on Recruiterhunt.

Other tools like this: Whois Domain Tools (also lookup IP addresses) and Domain Checker Chrome Extension.

Check out more than 60 tools to find contact info.

Well, I blew up my “whisper launch” plan. I couldn’t help myself. I let the cat out of the bag at Sourcecon. Which means that close to 500 people now know about Recruiter Hunt, plus the folks who were reading the Twitter stream.

My initial plan was to reach out to a few key people and have them seed RH with their favorite tools and add a few comments. But after Jim Schnyder’s session, where the entire audience participated in a freestyle shareback of tools and tactics, I couldn’t stop myself from making an announcement.

Perfect, right? Yes. Except the…

For more than a year, I have been promising Recruiter Hunt. In fact, it’s been more than a year. It’s been more than a decade. I’ve always wanted a way to share recruiting tools with other recruiters. Some things I’ve tried over the years:

Bookmarks. Bookmarking doesn’t work because it’s hard to organize bookmarks after they reach a certain number. It’s hard to remember what to search for. And it’s difficult to mass-share bookmarks.

Third party platforms. I’ve used sites like Backflip (create-your-own Yahoo-like search engine, defunct in 2003), Delicious and Clipix, free platforms that promised to allow me to…

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