Recruiters Are Evil

Jan 17, 2017 · 4 min read

You may or may not have seen this image before but if you have and you are a recruiter, it’s worth seeing again. These are current autocomplete results for the phrase, “recruiters are”, on Google.

The way autocomplete works is that it tries to guess what you are going to type next by the number of searches other people have done using the same words you are beginning your search with.

There is a certain threshold of searches that need to be done by other people for a phrase to make it into the autocomplete dropdown. It’s not known what that threshold is but the consensus is that it’s a lot.

With that firmly in mind, let’s talk about the issue at hand —

The recruiting industry is a raging dumpster fire

That’s a huge problem. Whether you are a recruiter or not. Whether you have had a bad experience with a recruiter or not. Whether you believe you are one of the estimated 10–15% of “Good” recruiters or not.

It’s a problem because recruiting is supposed to be solving a mission critical issue at the epicenter of our economy. The ability for a business to expediently find qualified talent.

47% of small businesses cannot find qualified applicants for open positions. (NIFB)

89% of Glassdoor users are actively looking for jobs or would consider better opportunities. (Glassdoor)

51% of employees are considering a new job. (Workforce Panel, Gallup, November 2015)

What we have here is a profession that is in high-demand but failing miserably at meeting that demand?

There are many reasons why this is happening. A few of the biggest reasons are:

  1. Recruiting/staffing is a vaguely defined service. There is no universally accepted or expected credentialing. Just about anyone can throw up a website, print business cards, acquire the right set of forms and become a recruiter.
  2. Due to the fact that there is no central authority in the recruiting industry to handle Q/A, businesses are left with taking a stab-in-the-dark approach when trying to find a recruiter or recruiting agency to partner with.
  3. The above 2 reasons give rise to what we think is the primary culprit behind the collective bad-mouthing that recruiters endure. Because It’s hard for a business to suss out the good recruiters from the bad, recruiters in general have opted for a shotgun-blast strategy to overcome the massive trust gap.

This gives rise to the aggressive nature of marketing most recruiters are participating in and why so many people think they are “evil”. If you are a service provider in an industry with such a large trust gap between yourself and your market then by default you must work 10x harder. That remains true whether you are better than the average recruiter or not. You must bridge that gap before that truth can be known.

What if there were was an easier way for recruiters to bridge the trust gap?

We know that recruiters (at least the good ones), get a good portion of their leads by way of referral. A referral in the recruiting world is simply a trusted communication from one stakeholder to another regarding a recruiter’s skills and past performance.

Unfortunately those referrals are usually a 1-to-1 communication. By making those referrals a 1-to-many communication the effect is amplified. RecruiterQ is building a platform to do just that as well as empower recruiters to create a better industry reputation.

5 ways RecruiterQ is helping to solve the trust gap problem in recruiting:

  1. By providing recruiters a Q/A enforced reviews/ratings system that allows for invitations to be sent to past and future contacts to submit a review which can then be prominently displayed on a branded profile page.
  2. Offering an uncomplicated and automated content marketing platform built specifically for recruiters to build and promote their personal brand.
  3. Providing tools and resources to build a culture of integrity and excellence in the recruiting community.
  4. Giving the business community a simple but powerful way to find and partner with that 10–15% of recruiting providers who have a verified track record of excellence.
  5. Reducing the amount of time recruiters need to spend on outbound marketing. We all get bothered a lot less by recruiters and recruiters have more time to practice recruiting rather than sales and marketing.

RecruiterQ is launching in February 2017.

Get early access.


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RecruiterQ helps recruiters close more deals and expand their network with an automated marketing and branding platform. Visit

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