Recruiting Hacks for 2017 — Part 3

Welcome to this week’s installment of Recruiter Hacks. This series is intended to provide useful tools, tips and resources to help make the day-to-day of recruiting a little easier.

Use of references: References are an essential part of any recruiting process but most good recruiters know to use those references as opportunities to identify new business. The primary purpose of a reference call is to validate that the person you are considering to submit to your client is who they said they are and they’ve performed to the level they’ve said they did.

But, there’s much more to a reference call then just getting validation that your candidate is good. Reference calls are a golden opportunity for introducing your organization’s offerings to the reference you’re calling. However, it needs to be handled with finesse. You can’t give your prospect any inclination that the purpose of your call is the push your service but to assist in the process of placing your candidate.

The transition is the most important part. It needs to be focused around helping the reference you are talking to. Something along the lines of, “if I can return the favor and help you staff your team, I’ll share my contact info and connect”. Simple and easy, this won’t be a call to get a job order. The reference part is really where you need to ask a lot of questions and show your dedication to your job. This way the person on the other line gets the right impression.

Need to find someone’s email address? A product made by the inventors of the Hiring Solved talent aggregator and it’s called Prophet. It helps you find and (most importantly) verify the email addresses of anyone you care to know the email address for. It’s quite a helpful tool and in our day and age, we need to hit our prospects from all angles so whether you guess their email until you get it right or you have a service to get full contact info, getting an email address is crucial and Prophet can help.

Meet your clients and candidates. If you have the opportunity to meet your clients and/or candidates in person, this changes the whole dynamic of your relationship. Meeting your prospects and candidates in person will drastically increase your chances to close more business. Calling someone over the phone is too impersonal and although it’s a crucial part of our jobs, it’s a step to get an in-person meeting. For more high level, sought after candidates, meetings are sometimes difficult since there are so many recruiters calling them. But once you get that meeting, you candidate will trust you that much more and provide you with intelligence into competing interviews he/she are in process with.

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