Why I left Media Sales for Recruitment? The real question is why I Stayed!

Being honest recruitment wasn’t an industry or career I had ever thought about, I had never ever even engaged with one — had no need to! I was a high flyer in my company, I was able to consistently over achieve my targets and I was being well rewarded for doing so. And yet here I am in RECRUITMENT, thriving, on track for my second promotion in 3 years and most importantly challenging myself every day.

The Big Difference?

On paper there’s not much really. At the end of the day, it’s still sales only with more excitement and passion. There are still some deals you win and some you lose, such is the nature of both industries. In recruitment, you can do all the screening and qualifying in the world yet sometimes there will always be elements out of your control — for example, an International HQ has implemented a full hiring freeze, the candidate’s partner has just been offered a promotion in another country! Believe it or not, these are real examples but when you step back it’s the really quite similar. In sales whether you’re working at SME or enterprise level, businesses can lose key clients, investment, Brexit happens and suddenly due to factors outside of your control, they no longer have the budget to invest with you, it happens, it’s life! We take it on the chin get on and continue to build a stronger pipeline. Like I said, similar aspects to both industries, I just enjoy this one a lot more, you might enjoy it too!

The big question, so why did I stay?

When you think about everything you want in your career we always use keywords such as: Autonomy, Responsibility, Opportunity/Progression, Challenge, Diversity (nobody wants the same 2 days), and most importantly job satisfaction and fun!

Recruitment and most importantly RECRUITERS have provided me with these values above and beyond. I even discovered values in my work-life I didn’t know were possible or even as important to me! They’ve given me the power to sculpt and create my career in such a way that I challenge myself, achieve and grow on a daily basis. I grabbed the opportunity with both hands and haven’t looked back since.

On a closing note, if you’ve an entrepreneurial streak, this is definitely the game for you!

Patricia Lynch is the Associate Manager of the Sales and Marketing team at recruiters.ie, get in touch with her at patricia.lynch@recruiters.ie
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