Trust The Process

Back in December of 2015, we spent time discussing exactly what RECRUITS meant to us — as the name of a brand as well as a lifestyle. In this conversation, we exchanged a lot of ideas that focused on our dreams and desires in life and why so many people fall short of achieving what they want in life.

One quote that we have always had an appreciation for is “hold the vision, trust the process.” This quote was at the forefront of what we thought represented how our seemingly impossible dreams become a reality. People are quick to talk about hard it is to be a professional athlete, yet there are hundreds of thousands of professional athletes worldwide. People will say that it is unrealistic to want to be a millionaire, but everyone seems to know one in their city.

The point is, the odds are stacked against us every day. But that should not dictate how we live our lives. We shouldn’t simply mail in our dreams because the numbers say they are “unlikely.” We should embrace the unlikelihood and use it as motivation to make all the doubters eat their words. To do so, we have to trust the process.

Trusting the process lies in the fact that there are a series of micro steps necessary to achieve a desired outcome. Our goal is to inspire people to realize and strive for the greatness that lies within them. This is how the name RECRUITS came to fruition.

There are many of us who want to accomplish things the fast and easy way. We want a quick fix for everything that will solve all of life’s problems. The fact that we may have to battle long and hard scares all of us because there is an element of time and effort that we must put forth. We often cheat ourselves as we think we are getting somewhere yet find ourselves seeking instant gratification to receive a small sense of fulfilment.

Don’t be fooled. Trusting the process is an intimidating approach. But in many ways, it is beautiful. When we begin on a path towards something, it always looks bleak and uncertain. There is doubt. Some people lack confidence in their goals. The time it takes to get there will make many want to give up. But as we look back in history, there are many successful individuals who have reaped the fruits of trusting in this belief that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We see these individuals do great things in different fields such as the arts, entertainment, business, sports, science, and many more areas of discovery — oftentimes after people told them that it was not possible.

There was blind faith within each and every one of these individuals that what they are doing will pay off in the long term. As we look within ourselves, all we have to do is hold on to the vision we have in our mind and do the small, seemingly insignificant tasks no matter how tedious they may be. These menial tasks are part of a compound effect that add up to create something magnificent.

As you chip away, you will be right where you imagined yourself to be. Most of us are still in school or working odd jobs that we don’t love but all of this is part of a greater process that we are going through to reach our ultimate desires as long as we trust the process.

Trust that the time you’ve put in will pay off. Trust in yourself that you’ve got what it takes to get the job done. And always keep your eye on the vision, through the highs and the lows.

For our upcoming Trust the Process collection, we want to do something different. We want to paint a picture of individuals who believed and persevered when it would have been way to easier for them to quit. We want to explore how they achieved greatness by capturing their vision and trusting in the process.

On June 7th, we will be releasing the Trust the Process Snapback as the first product of many that will be in the Trust The Process line. We are excited to bring you a product that was only a dream to us just six months ago. We couldn’t have done it without having faith in our vision.

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