Donald Duck and the Dog

I ain’t stupid like Donald Duck fuckin up

I’m a shotgun suckin blood

A stud cummin up

But a lion king runnin from a flood

Fortune wasn’t enough

Happiness was a bluff

Buying gold handcuffs

No more peanut butter fluff

Man, what the fuck?

I am Donald Duck

Tie tight enough to be chokin a small dog

Just to get ’em to walk

The dog’s no longer soft

What do you do when the dog doesn’t bark

Sometimes he starts but he doesn’t wanna be a nark

He falls back into his art

He falls apart

I don’t know where you are

Don’t go too far

Ignore the flees

Tighter leash

No sweet release

Pain will cease

Life ain’t a lease

You have a disease

Listen to me please

The sun’ll still rise in the east

You’re not alone, why can’t you see

We have no locks; we have no keys

None of the spaces are free

I’m beggin’ on my knees

Please listen to my pleas

Why won’t you ever believe?

Is happy a feeling that you can not conceive?

When you were a pup, we’d kiss

I guess it was ignorant bliss

From your distance, I figure this:

We see how much closer the trigger is

We‘re both bigger kids

We feel harder hits

We gotta’ climb outta’ larger pits

And we see how much farther happiness gets

Everything that was dry got wet

And no one sees their end yet

Our beds make us feel dead

And over night, you bled

A soft magenta red

Birds chirp while you sit drenched

I wondered why you didn’t fetch

Now it seems so obvious

Why you followed the mornin’ mist

That’s it

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