Love is…

When you hear the word love, what do you think about? The interesting thing is at the core love has a definition. The problem is the definition of love has been convoluted by experiences and tragedies that people go through. What has to be said is that love is consistent in how it should be shown. Write down, create a note in your phone or type out what you believe the definition of love is.

I actually like this definition from The Message,

Love never gives up.
 Love cares more for others than for self.
 Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have.
 Love doesn’t strut,
 Doesn’t have a swelled head,
 Doesn’t force itself on others,
 Isn’t always “me first,”
 Doesn’t fly off the handle,
 Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,
 Doesn’t revel when others grovel,
 Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
 Puts up with anything,
 Trusts God always,
 Always looks for the best,
 Never looks back,
 But keeps going to the end.

I know what some of you are thinking, I’ve given up on people that I loved well here’s the key in order for love to be totally effective there has to be two mutually invested parties. When you are pouring yourself into someone or something that does not offer the same emotional sustenance it becomes draining. We must be mindful these are the competencies of love that we must fulfill regardless of what anyone else does. It is interesting God obviously loved us first but we are afraid to show others that we love them when we are up in the air about feelings.

This is the standard of love that you should hold those who you have relationships with. Truth is a growth tool in relationship. The better the communication is the more it grows. When we are clouded by looks, sex, and gifts we block the sunshine that truth will actually give. Growth is not just attaining information about a person. We can spend and have spent many months or even years attaining information and not doing anything with it. Basically some of our relationships look like file cabinets.

It’s all love where we come from
 In the hood love we was told to run from
 That same hood where the guns sung
 We holla love, hopin’ it would come one
 Crack got so many lives undone
 From lack of love many hide some run

Hip Hop Legend Common drops something we perceive to be common sense. Nevertheless it is uncommon that we find it. Truth be told many of us were conceived from a place of love or what two people thought was love. Growing up especially the circles that I come from; we were told get as many women as we could and love ONE woman when you have nothing else to do. The older I get and the more I love my wife every day I find that the advice I received was immature and did not take habit forming into considerations.

Marriage can motivate you to put an end to certain habits but just because you are married does not mean that the urges and other temptations somehow cease. True love conquers all, you can achieve things you never thought you would achieve will love at the helm.

Remember where love originated and understand that God is love, our creator who loved us first and gives us the ability to love others in spite of flaws, disagreements, heartaches and triumphs.

What is love to you?

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