Calm down, TheRinger did a full week of articles on how great cleveland is, so one sentence…
Charles Tyler

The diatribe wasn’t just in response to the one line in this story, but what I’ve seen as a pattern of dismissiveness toward the team that won the title. Yes, LeBron still gets his ink, but this has become the summer of the Warriors, Thunder, Westbrook and Durant.

Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving is about to become the 4th player in NBA history to win a title and a gold medal in the same summer. The other three were Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and LeBron James.

I understand that free agency is fun to write about, but the whole point of acquiring and re-signing players is winning a title.

I addressed Cleveland week… I thought it was a weak attempt to make up for the lack of coverage the Cavaliers received in the lead-up to their championship win and then it predictably ended being a few stories about LeBron, the Indians, and random other stuff used as filler.

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