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New tax rules for contractors in the UK are likely to have a big effect on the tech job market, both on the business and contractor side. The rules — known as IR35 — mean that some businesses which currently use contractors will have to decide their status and whether they need to become full-time staff.

That means they would have to pay national insurance and businesses would have to provide benefits like paid holidays. According to The Register, it is estimated that about 170,000 self-employed contractors will be hit by the changes.

That’s important news for the IT industry, where contract work is prevalent and helps hold many companies together. And a new study by Brookson Legal, a law firm that specialises in IR35 advice, has found that businesses might have to take proactive steps to avoid a “brain drain”. …

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This week is National Coding Week — a charitable, volunteer-led attempt to get more people into the digital world by giving them the skills to get into coding.

Redcat Digital recruits for a wide variety of roles that involve a highly-skilled, senior professional level of coding. And with coding being touted as one of the major skills that we should all learn, and with an increasing number of courses available that teach adults to code, it’s clear that the issues around how coding is taught and how it is applied in the workplace are not far removed.

The people behind the initiative neatly represent some of the typical stories that come up when we discuss coding careers. Richard Rolfe, is a web designer who entered the industry in later life — at 49 years old. And Jonathan Channing, left school with no qualifications and was diagnosed with autism aged 19. His life changed when he attended a coding course, and he now owns a web design business. They are the lead volunteers for National Coding Week. …

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Last week marked the end of London Tech Week — the annual festival celebrating and promoting everything that the UK’s capital has to offer the tech market.

This year’s London Tech Week was by far and away the biggest yet, officials said. The festival — and it is a festival, rather than one individual event — attracted 58,000 attendees, according to Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates.

An international city

That’s a significant number, which Shaw says that it’s indicative of the strength of the market in London and in particular, the strength of the culture. …


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