What Color Is Your Handbasket?

Over the past few years I have found myself purposely avoiding the news, whether it be local, or state, national or international. Call me over sensitive, but whenever I see it, I become depressed, often wondering to myself why do people do the things that they do?

Today I perused the news headlines and saw 2–3 stories about adults killing babies..BABIES! About others killing their whole families, and even about one that beat a small dog to death. The police in certain areas aren’t even trying to protect the public anymore, hell, I’m not sure if they even know whom the enemy is at this point. I can’t say that I blame them since I don’t know either. I just am more honest about it.

Another thing that I have noticed is that things in general have progressively gotten worse. The weather, in it’s various forms, be it tornados, hurricanes, typhoons, temperatures, etc…animals that we have grown up and taken for granted are becoming extinct (mainly because of the slime of humanity to cash in a quick buck, way to go idiots!), and the very planet we live on..the one that we rely on for our very lives..is dying. Yes. I said it. The Earth is dying. And we are the idiots killing it.

And of course the big issue that everyone can feel but few are aware of: There is a war coming. And I’m not talking a smaller version like the ones we’ve had in the past few years, oh no folks..I’m talking the big one. WWIII. I’m talking balls out, military clusterf*ck from hell and whomever isn’t out of the way is in trouble. And i’m not one of those paranoid conspiracy theorists, I don’t wear a tinfoil hat, and heck, I know Big Brother is watching me because well, that’s what they do. I’m just a simple person minding my own business that doesn’t like what she sees..at all.

So before you comment and nay-say what I have said here, take a step back. Turn on the nightly news. Read a few newspapers, go back a few years on the newstand websites and ask yourself this: What is it that all these sources are NOT telling you, but is so blatant that it’s practically smacking you in the face? What is written between the lines that people don’t even dare whisper to each other for fear of the realization of it being the truth that they will actually have to admit to?

Then I shall say to you, “What color is YOUR handbasket?”


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