The Curious case of The Special One..

After months and months ( Quite literally about 7 months I’d say ) of Media claims and leaked reports of his Imminent arrival to the Club that he always wanted to Manage — The Club finally announced in Late June that Mourinho will be the one who will replace Louis Van Gaal as the next Manchester United manager. An announcement that many thought should have been made back in December when United looked like in absolute shambles after a Horrible Winter period where we failed to win all 5 of our Games in the League — Losing 3 and drawing 2 and scoring only 2 goals. A time that no one will ever forget especially considering the fact that the teams we played and lost to weren’t even TOP CLASS opponents. Chelsea had then already parted ways with Mourinho and United were just another bad result away from doing the same to Louis.

That Smile tells a different story..

Turns out that the Club stuck with him. Which in the end cannot be considered a wrong decisions especially since Louis’ final game for United was a much needed FA CUP final win against Palace which in itself was a miracle considering we barely won any games after letting our opponents score on us under Louis. But Hey. Not a bad way to say good bye to a club that is going to fire you hours after you win them the CUP — which a lot of the clubs dream about winning for decades.


Fast forward a few weeks of extreme media speculations about Jose signing with the club any minute combined with leaked reports of Jose willing to hear other clubs to speed up the process and get the best deal out of it, the Cat was out of the Hat and the Club finally sorted out a deal with him. HURRAY. SHOCKER. NOT EVEN A BIT OF A SURPRISE considering Jose and Mendes his super agent seemed to have already made a deal with the club and for some reason were just HYPING the crap out of the whole ordeal. Everything is fine and dandy. Jose is now our Manager. A job that he had eyed even when Fergie was our manager. Only to leave disappointed when someone ( cue Fergie and the Board ) had the bright idea of giving DAVID FUCKING MOYES the biggest job in football of replacing the greatest Manager in Football history. That would have hurt any managers Ego. I don’t blame Jose for sucking it up and going back to his familiar grounds and re-joining Chelsea back then.

I was happy at Mourinho’s arrival. Not because we finally had someone who had won everything the game had to offer — In Spain, Italy, Portugal and England but because we finally grew a pair and got someone who knows how to truly manage a club the size of Ours. Yes, Louis Van Gaal had already managed clubs the size of United with Ajax, Bayern and Barcelona. But An argument can be made that he managed them when the Football was different. The football wasn’t the commercial Juggernaut it is now. Definitely not the type of football he preached through his Philosophy etc. Mourinho on the other had has evolved ( at least it seems like it ) with the changing times. He himself has managed clubs since the early 2000’s. However, he’s always moved up for the biggest opportunities and more often than not filled expectations. That for a club like United is a important. Now more than ever when we’ve had 3 back to back seasons without much to show. Clear decline in quality of football at display and lack of Hunger to win. Which Jose himself brought up during his First Presser yesterday. He doesn’t want to just start his first Campaign as a United Manager hoping to make it to the Champions League. That approach is the wrong approach. Which sadly our previous manager thought was the right now. His approach from at least what it sounds like seems to be the one that our club badly needs. The attitude to win. The attitude to not be satisfied with a Champions League spot but the one that wants More than just a consolation — The one that thinks Winning is the most important

Something other clubs have identified and worked on by acquiring Managers who think can lead them to titles as well. Especially considering the moves our Biggest Rivals have made recently by acquiring Managers that consist of that quality to change with the times. City landed Guardiola late last year. Who doesn’t need any introduction. Klopp has already started his recovery process with Liverpool albeit that’s not going to change the Joke of the club they’ve been for the last 10 years. Chelsea with Conte ( especially after the way Italy performed at the Euro’s ) might be a decent match as well. It is finally good to see United change with time and hire someone who has proven himself time and again in the League. And has matched head to head with the Likes of Guardiola in Spain and has shown the fearless attitude that our club and us as fans were accustomed to under Sir Alex.

Having said that, I am not fully sold on his attitude yet. He has been in trouble with the FA on multiple occasions and other footballing bodies before for being outspoken and overly animated during matches. That paired with his bizarre remarks towards the Ref’s and other coaches which I can never seem to agree with. Cheap tricks are not for a United manager. It may not be a bad thing, however I always prefer a Manager that maintains a certain level of Class and calmness associated with our Club. That attitude paired with the amount of media pressure and scrutiny can or may lead to trouble. The pressure will be high. As of now, he has already made 3 signings ( way before any of our other signings in the last 3 years since Fergie ). With these additions in the areas United very badly needed players in, I feel like we’ve finally turned a page and can get back into the things we are accustomed to. Ibrahimovic and Henrikh Mkhitaryan combined for more goals last season than the entire United squad’s League campaign in 2015–2016. That in itself is something to be cheerful about. With a few more weeks of pre-season football and the season just about a little over a month away — It is Crunch time for Mourinho. Probably the biggest job of his life and the most difficult one to prove that he is after all the Special One.

The doubters have started doubting him. The skeptics ( like me ) are already making sure we don’t get too carried away and the Optimists among us are already considering this Pairing a match made in Heaven or Hell. He’s already started making promises like any new manager would. May it be the Type of Football he wants his team to display or his Youth Policy and continuing United’s age old tradition of always bringing Youth first. For now, its a start.. hopefully to a Long Fruitful period of the Special One’s Era at United.

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