Red Dog Media’s Flexible Work Schedule Instrumental to Employee’s Satisfaction

Red Dog Media
2 min readNov 8, 2017


Maintaining a balanced work and personal life can be a difficult task to accomplish. Maintaining said balance helps with personal well being and potential work burnout. Red Dog Media makes obtaining that balance easily accessible with its flexible work schedule and unmetered vacation work benefits. Mutual trust is a core value being built between the company and its employees. This trust has translated into a forward-thinking concept. Red Dog Media has chosen to do away with the long-employed concept of a ‘running clock’ as it pertains to an employee’s vacation time, sick day limit, and lunch hours. The company doesn’t need to go through of all the technical aspects of logging time whenever an employee spends time away from the work environment.

No more required traditional 9–5 work shifts at Red Dog Media. With there being a variety of different demographics within the company, employees with and without families as an example, a traditional work schedule may work for some and not others. A flexible work schedule allows for employees to build their schedule around activities they enjoy doing in their free time. For some, its going to the gym for a workout class or for others its spending more time with their kids for their extracurricular activities. One does not have to feel restricted to a hard time constraint. It can allow time for those having to go to a doctor’s appointment before or after work and adjusting their daily tasks to do so. It allows employees who work better in the early mornings, midday, or even afternoons to have their desired preference and come into work during their peak performance hours.

Vacations are opportunities to take trips to explore the world, enjoy your birthday, go to friends’ weddings, or attend conventions and different sporting events; the list goes on. It is also a way to refresh your well being and prevent any kind of work burnout that one may start to feel. While unmetered vacation isn’t a new concept, most employers don’t offer this benefit. Having no set restrictions on time allow employees to take their planned-out vacations as well as those spontaneous surprise events that pop up. Upon returning employees can come back to their duties refreshed and ready to focus on tasks at hand.

Red Dog Media takes note of their employee’s wants and requests and offering a flexible work schedule with unmetered vacation is something that both the company and employees need not worry about. It’s a win-win situation, employees have their flexible work schedule and unmetered vacations while the company has the peace of mind of having the employees refreshed and not having to take note of recording time off.



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