Why You Need a Virtual Mailroom

In this day and age, more commerce and business is conducted online than ever before. Many companies are making an effort to go paperless, in order to conserve resources and operate more efficiently. Others want to mask the fact that they’re running the company out of their garage or basement. All of these business needs and more can be addressed with the use of a Virtual Mailroom.

The basic idea is this: instead of going out and getting the mail, opening it, sorting it, and filing it, you have everything sent to your personalized mailroom address. There, a team will sort through the stacks, scan everything into a secure site, and categorize your mail for ease of access.

The benefits of Virtual Mailroom are numerous, and many depend on the type of business you’re doing. Here are just a few that are commonly cited by companies who have made the switch:

Someone else gets to sort through your mail. Maybe you don’t have the time to rummage through a stack of magazines, catalogs, promotional mailers and other junk, just to find that all-important bill, invitation, or order. With a virtual mailroom, everything is opened, sorted and cataloged for you, so you can just check the proper folder and find exactly what you need.

You can go paperless. Once you approve the scans of your mail, all of the paper copies can be shredded for you. That means no more stacks of invoices, no more unsightly filing cabinets full of mail you’ll never look at again, and no more having to sort through files, piles, and boxes to find that one piece of mail you need!

Many services offer bill payment. Many Virtual Mail Rooms will even pay your bills or deposit checks as they come in, and then send you one convenient itemized list so you can see exactly what came in and what went out.

A digital mailroom is more secure. Paper copies can be damaged, stolen, or lost, but in a Virtual Mailroom, everything is stored digitally, so you never have to worry about floods, fires, or other disasters destroying records and correspondence. Since your storage is usually also encrypted, you have added protection from hackers and the like.

Save by eliminating all of those bulky file cabinets. We’ve all been to those offices where there are entire rooms of filing cabinets, completely packed with mail. Other offices elect to spend countless dollars annually on storage facilities for older records and invoices. With a virtual mailroom, all of that is unneeded. All of your mail is stored digitally, and accessible easily without the hassle and expense!

Gain prestige with a better office address. The use of a mail forwarding address provider can provide your company with that high-priced downtown mailing address that you just can’t quite afford yet. So instead of your basement or garage, clients and customers see your business as listed in a more appropriate office space.

With all of these great benefits, the question should be, “Why wouldn’t your business have a virtual mailroom?”

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