I saw the following quote on a protest sign last week, “We don’t owe bigotry an open mind”

So what is it that we do owe?

• We owe our fellow humans an opportunity to be judged as individuals rather than by their religion. You don’t agree with that? Then you’re agreeing to violate our constitution.
• We owe our grandchildren and great grandchildren a planet that is livable. 
• We owe democracy a civil tongue and a civil heart. That means listening to the other for what lies beneath the bigotry in order to build a ladder with them to climb out of ignorance and fear. Granted, civil society building where dialogue rather than debate is practiced is not for the weak.
• We owe our children a model of respect, dignity, and integrity. Without it, our descendants will perish in the chaos seeded by vitriol and indecency.
• We owe our parents and grandparents who fought and bled for Democracy when Fascism threatened the earth, a plan to uphold that Democracy RIGHT NOW.
• We owe ourselves peace of mind that we acted with courage and stood up for those without a voice.
• Finally, we owe it to ourselves NOT to be consumed by the hate and despair that erodes our humanity. Already I feel it slipping away. Meet me in the circle if you want to keep it.