5 Reasons Why Quick Weight Loss Might Be a Good Thing for You

͗Lose slowly and keep the weight off — it’s an old adage we’ve all heard, but it may be completely wrong. A quick weight loss of 10 pounds or more is possible and it may be exactly what you need to make your weight loss plan successful — and lasting! Here are 5 reasons why quick weight loss may work for you!

1. You Already See Health Results! According to Dr. Oz, a 10 pound weight loss may lower your cholesterol by as much as 10%. It will also reduce your blood pressure. Altogether, it lowers your risk of a heart attack. Seeing those numbers drop in a short period of time may help you realize how important and rewarding losing weight can be.

2. You Knees. If you’re heavy and walking is difficult because of knee pain, look at these statistics from Dr. Oz. For every 10 pound of weight you lose, you take 30 pounds of pressure off your knees. If you’re walking up stairs that becomes 70 pounds of pressure that is gone. Losing weight takes the strain off your knees and may reduce your chance of developing osteoarthritis as you age. Better yet, as you lose weight the cushioning between your bones will build back up.

3. Your Clothes. Many a diet has started because you can’t put on that favorite pair of jeans. When you can put something you love back on and now it fits, it’s a huge boast to your morale. Some more good advice, as you continue dieting, buy some clothes that fit at each stage of weight loss. Wearing something to big may make you feel like you’re doing better, but it won’t make you look better and isn’t that the goal?

4. Success Builds Success. Many dieters are disheartened by the slow drop of the scales. They feel like what they’re doing isn’t working so they give up. A quick weight loss diet may just show you that success is possible and help you stick to your diet until you reach your goal.

5. Better Sleep. Extra weight may press on your windpipe wall and narrow your airway causing sleep apnea. A 10 pound weight may help open up your windpipe and give you a better night’s rest. That may be the beginning of a positive cycle — you feel better and more energetic so you are more excited about your diet and exercise plan!

Of course, losing a weight and keeping it off take a real commitment mentally and physically — and over time. However, a quick start may just get you started down the road to both thinner and healthier you! You can find quick weight loss diets and drugs such as HCG on the Internet and at stores, but should always check with your doctor first. Another place to find quick weight loss is at a medical weight loss center that gives you the advantages of a personalized plan, medical supervision and encouragement from a knowledgeable staff.