How to purchase Red Pill Coin tokens through Etherdelta (ED) During ICO

NOTE: The Red Pill Coin Pre-ICO/ICO have been moved to Etherdelta. Each day we will make a limited number of RPIL available for sale on Etherdelta. We will announce the availability of more coins to purchase via twitter each day!

  1. Go to and create a new account if you don’t already have one. To purchase tokens, you will need to have funds in your account. To add funds please send ETH to the address on your account. When the transaction is confirmed, your ETH balance will show in the upper right corner next to your account.

2. Once you have funds in your account, select RPIL tokens from the drop-down menu. You will need to transfer ETH from your personal wallet to EtherDelta smart contract in order to trade. Please note you will need to keep some ETH in your wallet to cover gas for your transactions.

3. Once funds are in your smart contract, you’re ready to place an order. There are two ways to buy tokens. The first, you will enter a new order and the amount of RPIL you wish to purchase, then click “buy”. Your order will show in the order book, and in “My Transactions”. When someone agrees with your pricing they can sell you their RPIL. The second is to buy from someone listing their RPIL tokens for sale.

Option 1.

Option 2 is much quicker, and your tokens will be in your account momentarily.

6. To transfer your tokens to your RPIL or Ethereum wallet, you first need to select “Withdraw” in order to withdraw them from EtherDelta; once they’re in your wallet you can transfer to your RPIL or Ethereum wallet.

Your wallet address can be created or found by visiting the Red Pill Coin Wallet page at You can create new wallet by entering a new password in the “create new wallet field” or view an existing wallet by clicking on view wallet from the menu bar and then, a pull down menu will show up. Click on “My wallet”. Clicking on your wallet will take you to the page with all of your wallet info. There you can see your wallet address & token exchange. Please note that you can ONLY deposit RPIL tokens in your Red Pill Coin wallet.

Now you can take advantage of our RPIL platform, the full description of which can be found in our White Paper:

Happy Shopping!