Red Pill Post-ICO Details

1. How much was raised during the ICO? How many tokens were sold?

Roughly 25 million Tokens were sold, and $150k raised

2. Are the tokens (public or private) going to be locked?

Tokens in public circulation among investors, airdrop/bounty holders are not being 
locked up.

3. What’s the lockup period?

Like we said earlier, there is no lock up period for investors, bounty participants, and airdrop participants. Public tokens will not be locked. Tokens held privately by the RPIL company will not be sold for 1 year from the June 2018 ICO end date. This does not include coins given to team members as compensation.

4. Why did you decide to initiate the payment before receiving the tokens for bounty or airdrops?

Buyers of tokens have all recieved their tokens to date. Airdrop and bounty members will be compensated afterwards, those are our terms.

5. Did RPIL reach soft cap?
 RPIL hit roughly half of it’s revised soft cap, and there was 50 million tokens available for the ICO.
to make matters fair for Airdrop, Bounty and ICO participants, we burned 50 million coins (which was roughly half of the total supply). Thereby effectively significantly reducing the supply. 
6. How do I trade on exchange?
Each exchange has different policies, you can find tutorials on YouTube or on the exchanges themselves to explain how to trade on them.